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            Career growth

            With the rapid development of the industry and the intensifying competition, the company attaches great importance to the construction of human resources and ensures that its ability of management technology may maintain the absolute competitiveness. On the basis of inheriting the traditional cultivation mode, it makes active and bold innovation and summarizes the "211 project" of talent cultivation of Veken, namely: Construct two clear promotion channels-- "promotion channel of supervisory sequence" and "promotion channel of technical sequence", set up one knowledge output platform-- "Veken talent institute", strengthen one mode of practical operation guidance-- "mentors' guidance of disciples", carry out the task of "aid". Finally, it makes the talent cultivation more pertinent, more scientific and systematic, and more effective.

            Two promotion channels

              一、Cultivation of management promotion-- "Eagle Series" plan

            • 01

              Class of eyas: By targeting at the undergraduates and masters that are newly recruited, it uniquely creates the "triangle closed loop model of undergraduate cultivation" of Veken. The triangle means: It is composed of three subjects including the undergraduate, department and mentor. It links the three stages of the cultivation approach and forms the closed loop, so as to effectively realize the cultivation objectives.

            • 02

              Class of falcon: It belongs to the "Whampoa Military Academy" of the company and exclusively cultivates and outputs the mid-level cadres. It mainly targets at the grassroots management posts, excellent engineers or special staff and young backbones that have worked for 3-5 years, and the reserve cadres that other departments mainly cultivate. Mainly focus on: ①Thinking development+ quality improvement; ② Grassroots management+ practical operation; ③ Improvement of team force; ④ Four modules of project implementation improve the post competence ability of young backbones, set up the learning and exchange platform, cultivate and reserve a batch of excellent clothes young cadres for the company.

            • 03

              Class of eagle: It mainly targets at the mid-level management staff and those similar to the mid-level, so as to improve the management skill, thinking ability and leadership of the team; And also cultivate the senior management staff for the company in the future. Adopt the small class system and organize the regular learning per quarter through class, project and study tour.

              二、Cultivation of technical promotion

            • Technical sequence

              Level I engineer, Level II engineer, Level III engineer, Level IV engineer, Level V engineer, Level VI engineer, Level VII engineer, Level VIII engineer

            • Assessment model of post rank promotion

              The company summarizes the "assessment model of post rank promotion of Veken", provides the learning and improvement opportunity for the technical talents. It organizes the expert group to conduct public evaluation and defense through the subdivided elements of five dimensions, determine the according post and match the according salary. It is organized once per year.

            1 "Veken talent academy"


            Booster of strategic realization;

            Partner of business department;

            Petrol station of core talent;

            Platform of cultural inheritance and ideological intersection;

            Bond of training extension;

            One guidance mode of practical operation-- "mentors' guidance of disciples"

            For both the groups of different levels in the management sequence and the technical talents of various levels in the technical sequence, the company promotes the cultivation mode of "mentors' guidance of disciples", improves the practical operation ability of the apprentice post, and ensures that the knowledge they learn is transformed, applied and landed. The supporting mechanism includes: Agreement of Mentors' Guidance of Disciples, Incentive Measure of Mentors' Guidance of Disciples, the appraisal of annual gold mentor, mentor cultivation plan, regular organization of forum.

            The talent cultivation system of the company is a dynamic process, which has to be supplemented, innovated and optimized in the operation process, so as to ensure that the human resources provide effective support and guarantee for the strategic development of the company.

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