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            Worry-free service

            Veken Technology creates the worriless service team for clients. With the tenet of client satisfaction, it satisfies the demands of clients from the perspective of quality, cost, delivery and service, thus providing the integrated overall solution for clients.

            Worry-free service

            Provide the customized exclusive "360°special team service" for clients. It sticks to the "2485 principle" and sincerely provides worriless service for the clients.

            2 hoursGive rapid response within 2 hours, pacify clients and tell them that the information has been received and it will deal with it soon;
            24 hoursFormulate the temporary emergency measures within 24 hours, remedy the plan and gain recognition of clients;
            48 hoursGive response of the reason for the problem, give the reason analysis/solution implementation and the subsequent prevention measures within 48 hours;
            5 daysProvide the complete report within 5 days and get the recognition and satisfaction of clients.

            System certification

            • CQC ISO9001:2008 quality management system
            • CQC ISO14001:2004 environment management system
            • GS QC080000:2012 hazardous substance process manag
            • QC080000 certificate (0212 plot factory site)
            • CNAS
            • GB/T 29490-2013 certificate
            • CSR Evaluation
            • GB/T 23001-2017 certificate

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