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            研發技術力量雄厚 & 無憂服務

            R & D strength


            Authorized patents:32+

            Veken Technology sets up the R&D system where the research institutes, engineering centers and scientific research organizations work closely. It owns more than 300 R&D and design professionals of lithium ion battery, including 10 doctors and 50 masters. It has set up the good scientific research partnerships with multiple scientific research institutes such as CAS Ningbo Material Institute, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Fudan University. The Veken Battery Academician Workstation jointly built with Academician Qian Yitai is rated as Zhejiang Academician Workstation and National Model Academician Expert Workstation.

            The company is deeply engaged in the exclusive technical R&D of lithium ion. It has applied for around 100 related patents of lithium battery and authorized 32 patents (including 21 invention patents). It also undertakes the provincial and municipal major science and technology projects such as the application research of silylene negative in lithium ion battery, the development of lithium ion battery pack transformed by ocean wind power, the application research of graphene in lithium ion battery. It owns the leading advantages in terms of the research application of new-type materials such as graphene and silicon negative level.

            Veken Technology Research Institute

            Veken Technology Research Institute is a comprehensive lithium battery technology research institute that integrates the R&D, chemical system R&D, technique R&D and product development. It focuses on the R&D and material system development of basic technology and generic technology of lithium battery. It won the certification of CNAS in 2017.

            Engineering Technology Center

            Veken Battery focuses on product development and technique R&D. It is the provincial-level corporate engineering technology center in Zhejiang Province. The pilot-scale line of the engineering technology center may undertake the development of 600 new project products per year. Veken technology R&D team provides the individualized product development service for clients with the scientific and rigorous attitude, provides the best solution and the worriless service of products in the full life cycle.

            Experimental inspection center

            The experimental inspection center is equipped with the apparatus and equipment of the advanced reliability test, safety test, electrical performance and life test, electrical chemical analysis, physical property analysis and flawless test. The experimental inspection center boasts of the rapid evaluation method of self-built battery material, rapid evaluation method of half-cell and full battery, research and analysis method of failure mechanism of battery.

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