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            研發技術力量雄厚 & 無憂服務

            Intelligent Production

            Veken Technology combines the development demands of the industry and constructs the advanced intelligent manufacturing technique system with automatic production line and tracing system of digital production as the support. Bring in the advanced battery manufacturing technology of South Korea and Japan, upgrade the automatic assembly line, improve the intelligent level of techniques such as coating, slitting, filmmaking, coiling and packaging, integrate the production system and intelligent technology, ensure the leading status of Veken Technology in 3C digital market and power battery market.

            In order to cope with the demand of intelligent production, Veken Technology brings in the advanced management idea, realizes the traceable and seamless quality control system of project development, raw material inspection and production sequence, and keeps improving it. The internationally leading precision equipment and the intelligent production sequences show Veken Technology's pursuit of quality.

            Production line of 3C digital battery

            Production line of 3C digital battery

            Production line of 3C digital battery
            Push-in coater (machine head)
            Push-in coater (tail)
            Full-automatic filmmaking and coiling all-in-one machine
            Full-automatic liquid injection machine
            Full-automatic packing machine
            Production line of power battery

            Production line of power battery

            Production line of power battery
            Full-automatic coiler
            Full-automatic welding assembly line
            Full-automatic liquid injection
            Tray-type negative formation
            The secondary liquid injection
            Grading system

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